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We believe that buildings do not exist in isolation and should embed effortlessly into the larger landscape in which it is placed. Winterlake homes respect the landscape, climate, wind, topography, vegetation and the cultural features of its surroundings.

Timber, brick masonry and granite feature extensively in the exterior of the homes which help them blend beautifully with the mountainous terrain. The rugged finishing of brick, stone and rubble walls as well as the sloping roofs ensure the structure bears the changing weather conditions with ease and its majestic beauty stands the test of time. The emphasis on using superior quality natural materials makes sure that these spaces are big on personality and exude an understated luxury that is impossible to ignore.

Our exterior home design broadly falls into 3 basic categories: 


These homes have features that blend with the mountainous landscape. Stone and wood play an important part not only in the design but also in temperature control. Rain slides off the gable roofs easily. The interiors have a huge fireplace.


As the name suggests, there are a lot of rustic elements in the design to transport you back in time and evoke nostalgia.


Inspired by traditional Scandinavian mountain homes, this style is all about straight lines and simple design. A gentle reminder of the elegance and beauty that simplicity brings to life.