The Story

At Ithalar, in a gorgeous, untainted corner of Ooty, a group of hikers stopped by to take a glimpse of the sparkling waters of the beautiful Emerald lake. The place’s breathtaking beauty sparked the thought that if there was one place on earth where they could feel the whole-hearted embrace of the universe, this was it.

The stunning panoramic views of the mesmerizing blue Nilgiris, the emerald green waters, the verdant green grasslands and the life-giving shola trees captured the imagination of our founder, who was part of the group. In the spring of 2010, he decided to transform this slice of the universe into a unique living space. Winterlake’s architecture is inspired by the mountains. Every room in every home is designed to showcase the stunning views. Natural materials like wood have been used to bring warmth and coziness even on chilly, winter evenings.

Owners can enjoy nature and solitude like never before, grow their own produce and help preserve, nurture and celebrate this land. Today, Winterlake is a caring, joyful, responsible community – a rare sanctuary that has preserved the authentic, erstwhile beauty of Ooty.