The Team

We are an incredible working team and a close-knit family. From picking up guests to creating plans for the future, no task is too small or too big for anyone in our team. We take pride in our skills, are passionate about our work and always learning from each other.

Meet our core team:


A passionate Eco warrior with a keen interest in ornithology, Balakrishnan is a Badiga for whom the Ithalar village is his cherished home. His understanding of the nature of the land, its vegetation, culture and relationships with the locals has helped Winterlake carve a unique living space that is in tune with its surroundings.

His passion to conserve and give back to the land has helped us maintain the right balance of nature in the layout. One of our pet projects, a mini bird sanctuary in an area of 3 acres with water bodies, shola trees and grass lands is inspired by his narratives of the original terrain of the Ooty he grew up in.


A civil engineer with decades of experience in multinational construction companies, Dhanraj has a solid understanding of building structures that stand the test of time. He has recently joined our team and oversees construction of our homes and common amenities.


An inventor by passion, an engineer by qualification, a pilot and an ocean surfer in his free time, Ashwin’s multi-faceted personality helps him handle all technical and creative projects with ease. From automating maintenance processes to implementing smart technology in our homes to even designing our own line of furniture, Ashwin wears many hats.


Attention to detail, customer focus and solid experience in setting up operations in highly competitive sectors has helped Sharath become the guiding force behind keeping our finances in order and running day-to-day operations smoothly. His meritorious career achievements include setting up an IT company from scratch in Trivandrum Technopark.


As the founder and chief architect of Winterlake, Sameepan is responsible for conceptualizing, planning and designing each of these dream homes. His passion for this project combined with his expertise in handling projects across different terrains ensures that these gorgeous homes are built to withstand the challenges thrown by the mountainous terrain and changing weather conditions.

Sameepan is also the founder of a leading architecture and design firm called ei Design, known for their ability to create signature homes that seamlessly blend with the landscape they are part of.