" We fell in love with Winterlake the first day we saw it and it's an ongoing relationship. There are no words to adequately describe the experience of living there. You have to open your eyes and see the flowers and trees, hear the wind and the birds, smell the clean, fresh air and experience your senses come alive.

My sister and I have houses separated by a picket fence, almost like a fairy tale. We love it. Every time Binod and I go to Winterlake, our souls are calmed and we get back to work rejuvenated. Thank you team Winterlake for being the rainbow even in the eye of the storm. "

Consultant Gynecologist

" Aparna and I have always dreamt of owning a beautiful home in a spectacular location. The scenic beauty and stunning panoramic views from the property really bowled us over. Ours was one of the first few homes to be completed at Winterlake.

The location and the architecture of the homes have a very European feel. The scenic beauty and the surroundings along with the architecture is what helped us make the decision to buy a home here.

We are constantly making additions and adding small personal touches to our home.The team has always been very generous with their time and have assisted us in every way possible. Buying a home at Winterlake has been one of the best decisions of our life. We couldn’t be happier. "

Mr. Arvind
Owner, Pioneer Mills

" I have always loved Ooty as a holiday destination and am a regular visitor to the Ooty Golf Course. The peace and tranquility of Ooty kept bringing me back, quite often. Kavitha and I then decided that it would be nice to have a home here. Even though we had another site in Ooty, we found that there was no better place than Winterlake to have a home.

The location, the architecture, the design and the workmanship made a great impression on us. I could easily picture myself entertaining, socializing and holidaying at Winterlake. The buying process was easy and transparent and we had no trouble getting the property registered.

Every member of our family has their own favourite space within the home. The entertainment areas are a great hit with my friends and the ability to enjoy and have a good time in the privacy of my holiday home at Winterlake has been truly priceless. The maintenance team ensures that the home is ready prior to my visit which makes it really convenient to make a trip whenever I feel like. Winterlake has made me love Ooty even more and I am holidaying more often these days. "

Business Man

" Desiring to have a holiday home on the hills, we went house hunting. The drive to Winterlake was breathtaking and the views of the Emerald Lake astounded us. The avenue of shola trees welcomed us.

On stepping foot into Winterlake the fresh oxygen filled out nostrils. Sameep an enterprising, passionate founder of Winterlake met us and walked us through beautifully styled, Scandinavian homes. The architectural style is distinctly unique and I had never seen anything like that in India.

End of the visit we knew we had found our heart's desires. Now, as happy owners and part of a vibrant, homely community........ the rest is history. "

Shirley & Richard
Hongkong based entrepreneurs