The Winterlake Difference


We believe that a home should be an extension of the self, a canvas for expression and a space where we can strip our souls of any pretense. That is why every single home in Winterlake is custom built.

Our homes are an elegant tribute to you and the landscape that inspired its creation. Timber, brick masonry and granite stone work make the exterior of the homes blend beautifully with the mountainous terrain without violating its spirit. The extensive use of natural materials like wood in the walls, floors and the roof, as well as the rugged finishing of brick and rubble walls, lend character to the space and makes its beauty timeless.

We understand that when you are purchasing a home in this location, you have also signed up for the view. Every home is designed to maximize views from all rooms without disturbing the views from other homes.What is more, we offer interior design consultation,decor elements and even build custom furniture from responsibly sourced wood on site. This means every item in your Winterlake home speaks to and for you. We use an open fence layout with natural hedges. The layout and design of your private garden is also unique to your home.


This is a slice of paradise. Just 15 km away from the hustle and bustle of Ooty town and 5 kilometers from the Good Shepherd International School, this is one of those rare, well-preserved areas of Ooty where rampant commercialization hasn’t raised its ugly head. You wake up to bird songs, stare out of the window and see hills engulfed in mist while you sip your morning tea. When the mist lifts, there is an exquisite view of the glistening emerald lake, distant pine forests and terraced tea gardens. After a hearty breakfast, you can choose to head out for a trek, till in your own private farm, go fishing or play some cricket in the local cricket ground.

This area is special because of its proximity to many lakes, dense forests with shola trees and minimum construction.  As there is shortage of patta land (transactable land), owning a land like this anywhere in the Nilgiris is next to impossible.


We believe that we are not just selling houses, we are helping translate dreams into reality. That is why we have researched and perfected over time a fool-proof, hassle-free and transparent buying process. Our trusted legal advisers, channels of communication with local authorities and villagers have helped us make sure that the process of owning a Winterlake home is absolutely seamless. You can be assured of:

  • Valid paper work and documentation
  • Complete compliance to guidelines
  • On-time project competition
  • Sensitive, respectful treatment of nature and resources

    We have gone to great lengths to ensure that we do justice not only to our clients but also to the land and the different lives that draw their sustenance from it. Here are some of our ongoing efforts to be ecologically responsible and sustainable:

  • The minimum plot area is quarter of an acre which helps us maintain more than 70% open-green areas.
  • We build houses with minimum excavation and try to use the terrain and natural formations to our advantage.
  • Our rainwater harvesting practices and irrigation mechanisms ensure an abundant supply of water for us and other living beings who share our neighborhood.
  • We have planted a good number of shola trees that are unique to this region, thus helping the land retain moisture better.
  • We rely on renewable energy sources like solar and wind.
  • The wood that goes into our beautiful structures is sourced from recycled large forest plantations in Canada.

    Winterlake homes are a labour of love and your dream come true. We offer maintenance services to ensure that your home is well looked- after, even when you are away. From cleaning services to electrical and plumbing repair to maintaining your gardens, we leave no stone unturned to make sure your investment is well protected from the vagaries of weather.

    Your home will always be ready for that impromptu getaway. We also have a cook and a working kitchen on the property, so a hot, homely meal is always within easy reach.


    When you are buying a home at Winterlake, you are also embracing a whole new lifestyle. Each home owner can choose to farm on any part of their land or request access to our centralized farming support facility. Fishing, trekking, exploring the tribal village, playing cricket or practicing the art of doing nothing: your options are endless. Some of our proud home owners are artists who use Winterlake and its surroundings as a source of inspiration to spark their creativity.